Record and transcribe your national and international calls with Call2Text

Turn your calls into text with the Call2Text app

With the free Call2Text app you can transcribe all your national and international calls.

It will be especially useful in telephone meetings, because you can pay all the attention to your customers, avoiding taking note of all the details of the conversation. The app will transcribe the call generating a written document that you can later download.

Choose who you want to call, record your national or international call and get the transcript of it because Call2Text converts your calls into text.

The Call2Text app also lets you record your outgoing calls, both domestic and international. In the settings section of the app you can select which calls you want to record; all or just some of the ones you do, yes, always from the application itself.

Try Call2Text for free

We give you free balance so you can make calls and try our service. We are sure you will repeat.


Countries available

Call2Text will allow you to make domestic and international calls to more than 200 countries around the world. Check if your destination country is available.


Get Free minutes

Talk to your friends and mates of Call2Text and with their first recharge we give you 1 € balance.


Call2Text, the application to record and transcribe your national and international calls at unbeatable prices.


The Call2Text app that allows you to transcribe and record your domestic and international calls is available on both App Store and Google Play.

You only need to register your phone number in order to use the app in your day to day. You’ll hallucinate!


We offer several payment options for you to choose how you want to recharge according to your preferences.